Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our valid customers. We hope they are helpful and please send us an email if you have a question you would like answered by one of our team members -

How do I set up a CHRISHA JEWELLERY account online?

> See the login/register page for step-by-step instructions Log in / Register

How long does the warranty last?

> See the jewelry warranty page for full details Jewellery Warranty

Is your online shop secure?

> Yes, see more on our security of information and data integrity in our terms and conditions page: Security of the information and data integrity

Is my personal data safe?

> For security reasons, CHRISHA JEWELLERY Online Store does not save credit card information.

The data is immediately passed to the company’s partner systems for payment processing. If you believe that someone has tried to reuse your credit card, please follow the instructions of your credit card issuer immediately.

For more details look at our terms and conditions pages: Terms and Conditions.

How do I pay for my order?

> See the payment page: Payment

Can I return the promotional products?

> The items which are sale goods, promotional products and custom jewellery cannot be returned.

Please look at our return policy page for more details: Return Policy

How do I make sure the products are genuine CHRISHA JEWELLERY items?

> his website is the official CHRISHA JEWELLERY online shop. We fully guarantee the authenticity of all products purchased here. Full terms and conditions: Terms and Conditions.