Our vision is to create high quality investment jewellery that underpins the style of each wearer

Chrisha Jewellery designs, manufactures and handcrafts contemporary jewellery with a timeless style using high quality materials at affordable prices. From gemstone rings to bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces, each piece is expertly cut and hand-finished with self-expression in mind.

Launching in 1997, Chrisha Jewellery showcased its first collection at the JAA Jewellery Fair. A generous and excited reception encouraged the team to continue onward with its mission, and Chrisha Jewellery became a member of the Jewellery Association of Australian in 1999.

Sourcing our materials from Brazil and South America, we select the finest gemstone to manufacture in Thailand, the epicenture of quality jewellery craftsmanship. We oversee each step of the supply chain, taking the mystery out of your shopping experience so you can purchase with confidence. We ensure that each gemstone is high quality, cutting and shining each rough stone to dazzle from every viewpoint.

However you decide to express yourself, simply add a unique item from our range of luxury jewellery to personalise your style.